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"When America needed soldiers........

They became heroes."


"The Last Bugle" is the first web series based on the WW2 Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team. After a long hiatus the project is finally in production. This project follows a documentary film "Valor With Honor" (2010) based on detailed oral histories of veterans of the 100th Battalion/442nd. The web series was inspired by the 1960's television series Combat and Steven Spielberg's 1998 film Saving Private Ryan. The web series will follow a fictional platoon of Japanese American soldiers through the Italian campaign 1944-1945. A web series is like a television series on the internet with short episodes. The episodes have been released below on Vimeo.



"The First Day"

The squad runs into an ambush. Pvt. Eddie's first day in combat.



"Last Minute Patrol"

Masami and the Sergeant on patrol: run into a sniper.



The goal is to grow a larger fan base, raise funds, and develop the project into a successful web series. With a larger fan base and with an increase in donations more ambitious episodes can be produced. More realistic costumes, props, and vehicles can be obtained for future projects. Larger battle scenes can be staged. Long term projects with longer web series episodes (in parts) or an independent feature film may be produced.



The 442nd "Nisei" Regimental Combat Team (3500 men and officers) is the most decorated American unit in US military history for its size and length of service. In WW2, the unit was awarded 7 Presidential Unit Citations, over 500 Silver Stars, and 21 Medals of Honor. All veterans who served in WW2 with the 100th Battalion, 442nd, and the MIS were awarded the 2010 Congressional Gold Medal by President Obama.



 More episodes are being planned for this year and beyond. Casting is on going for the several episodes in production. Currently shopping for used costumes and props. Searching for new film locations based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Farms, orchards, fields, ect. that can look like the European countryside. Test shots will be taken to prep for the next upcoming shoots. 



Donations can now offer tax refunds through IAM (Independent Arts and Media) in San Francisco, CA.​​​​​​​​​​​ 

Donations by check can be sent to: Independent Arts and Media for a tax deductible donation.


Please send checks to:"Independent Arts & Media" with a note or cover letter stating your donations to:

"The Last Bugle" web series.​


Independent Arts & Media

P.O. Box 420442

San Francisco, CA 94142​​

Venmo donations can be made to: @Dpost0522​

Pay Pal donations can be sent to:



Checks can also be sent to:


Burt Takeuchi

PO BOX 640831

San Jose, CA





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